30 June 2012

I had hit a dud streak in my reading; Anna Keesey‘s Little Century saved me.  Really enjoyed it and hope you do, too. My review at The Millions.  (Note: I don’t normally write reviews; when I write about books, I more just pontificate and/or relate the book to other things I’m thinking about.  Something about Little Century made me want to actually look more closely at its strengths; I was surprised that I liked it so much, for various reasons.)


28 June 2012

Back in town.  Getting my head together.

In the meantime, here are 10 things about my MacDowell Colony experience that I did not expect:

1. I saw a bear!

2. I ate more than I usually do (pre-MacDowell, this would have seemed unimaginable)

(lunch delivered daily in a basket — was unbelievable)

3. I drank less wine/alcohol than I usually do

4. I did not miss having 24/7 Internet (but I did miss my dog and my man)

5. The most intense cardiovascular workout of my time there was an Around-the-World ping-pong tournament

6. It was very social

7. “Studio” does not mean 100 square-foot room, but rather more like a beautiful little house

8.  There were many artists there who are parents of small children

9. I did not have the breakthrough with my novel that I’d hoped for (boo hoo)

10. Other artists are anxious about their work as well


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